JRAS and Forum Admins cannot verify the legitimacy of all deals and are not responsible for anything posted in this forum. All transactions are done at your own risk. Failure to comply with the rules and/or requests from staff members could result in the loss of forum privileges. We reserve the right to restrict access to anyone without prior notification. This forum exists as a service for our members to trade and sell their personal Fish, Plants,  and aquarium related items. It is not intended as a commercial outlet.

All transactions conducted from this section are private, and The James River Aquarium Society assumes no financial responsibility or liability. Buyer/Seller disputes must be handled by the individuals involved.

All posts will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Which means that JRAS Moderators may remove posts if the aforementioned feel the posts are not appropriate in any way. However, the JRAS Moderators can and will allow exceptions to the posting rules if and when they see fit.

Claims of blatant seller misconduct must be directed to the JRAS Board or Moderators in private only. Failure to follow this procedure constitutes expulsion.

Please keep in mind that these forums are a service the James River Aquarium Society provides for the benefit of our membership and users. Following the guidelines help make the forums user-friendly, and certainly will make them easier to moderate.


Posted : 23/07/2018 10:12 pm

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