The April Meeting will be held at Logo Advantage on April 24, 2019

This Months Speaker will be Eric Bodrock of AllOddball Aquatics


Forty+ Years of Catfish Breeding

Eric has successfully spawned more than 115 species of catfish ….and

no, not all of them were Corys! Eric’s presentation is going to cover a

wide range of species & topics on these various spawns. Hopefully the

attendees will pick up some interesting ideas that will be beneficial &

useful in their own spawning attempts at home. Some of the techniques

and many of his thoughts will also prove to be invaluable with the

successful spawning many other species of fish as well!




Eric Bodrock, 57, is the owner of All Oddball Aquatics, a tropical fish

hatchery and independent online retailer located just south of Pittsburgh,

Pennsylvania. Along with his fiancé, Regina Spotti, they currently maintain

about 250 aquariums in their home based hatchery where they work with a

wide range of fish species.

Eric has been active in the aquarium hobby since age 10 and has worked in

the retail, wholesale distribution, installation, and hatchery aspects of the

industry. In addition to his accomplishment of successfully spawning over

500 species of freshwater fish, including more than 115 species of Catfish,

he has published articles, judged dozens of fish shows, and has given

presentations, many while traveling abroad to aquarium related events

worldwide. The hobby has led him to Germany, the UK, Norway, Peru,

Canada, and all over the USA.


Eric is offering the following stock for pre-0rder to be delivered to our meeting on Wednesday

vailable fish I can bring to the meeting on April 24th.

Please email me at coryjeb@comcast.net if you have any questions


Ancistrus sp. 'Araza Blue Flash' F1, 1.25'1.5" - $25 ea, 6/$120, 12/$200

Ancistrus sp. "Schneeflocke" ("Snowflake") dwarf pleco, 2" unsexed - $40

Ancistrus sp. "Honeycomb" (Wabenmuster) 2-2.25"$100 / 4 or more $90 ea.

Ancistrus sp. L393 'Cheese Creek', F1, 1.25" - $40

Ancistrus sp. L393 'Cheese Creek', adult wild males - $80

Dekeyseria amazonica, F1, 4" or better - $40

Peckolita sp. L494 'Rio Paru', 2" or better - $30, 6 or more $26 each

Aspidoras poecilus, .75", $8

Corydoras knaacki CW032, F1 - $12

Corydoras CW069, $10

American Green Guppy Stan Shubel line - $22/pair

Full Green Guppy Stan Shubel line - $22/pair

Melanotaenia goldiei “Kiura”, 2" - $20 each

Melanotaenia sp. sikuensis  (sp. "Isim"),  1", $16 each

Melanotaenia sp. "Morehead River",  1", $16 each

Alestopetersius smykalai, 'Blue Diamond Tetra', F1, 2" - $18

Hyphessobrycon wadai - adults $15

Assassin Snails, $1






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