The James River Aquarium Society November Meeting will be November 14th.

Advanced Filtration: an in depth look at filtration for experienced fish keepers.

We will discuss types of filters, types of media, pros and cons as well as specific brands and their benefits. I may touch briefly on salt water filtration but this talk will be geared towards fresh water.

Nick Kinser is an aquascaper and professional aquarist with over 15 years in the Hobby. His main focus is on high tech, fresh water planted aquariums and paludariums, but has branched out in the last few years to include fresh and brackish biotope aquariums.

Nick is the aquarist at the Glen Echo Park Aquarium, GEPA for short. GEPA is a small public aquarium in Glen Echo MD. The aquarium is focused on education and the preservation of the Chesapeake Bay and it's inhabitants. All of the animals at GEPA are from the Chesapeake Bay and the watershed.

Nick's website is


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