We are very pleased to have a big deal in the IFGA (International Fancy Guppy Association) to visit our group and give us a talk on GUPPIES!

Michael Marcotrigiano lives in Montague Ma. with his wife Susan, their dog Monty, and many many guppies.  He is a botonist, and has great love for oddball plants as well.

I had the opportunity to visit him in his fish room recently, and spent some time talking fish plants and his love for guppies. 


Michael Marcotrigiano

About 25 years ago Michael started raising show finches and did quite well on the show circuit. He once won the national championship held in Chicago and there were over 700 birds entered. Then his wife’s allergies flared up and he had to choose a different beast. He’s been raising guppies for 10 years now. In that time, he has won the Grand Overall Male Championship two times and was elected Guppy Man of the Year twice. A few years ago his accomplishments got him on the Master Breeders list of the International Fancy Guppy Association. His specialty is red guppies. He is undefeated in the red class winning 9 years in a row. He has also won at least once in the black class, red albino class, breeder class, and half black red class. Presently he is having fun trying new hybrid crosses. One of them resulted in a purple that won 6 best of shows, remarkable in that guppies lives usually are not long enough to come near to this accomplishment. For his talk he will give an overview of guppy husbandry and the International Fancy Guppy Association and then address more specifics about consistency in quality.

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